Gurus and Influences

Pt. Parameshwar Hegde is one of the top performers of Kirana style Khayal today. Born in Uttara Karnataka, where the colorful Yakshagana opera holds sway, young Parameshwar was drawn to music at a very young age. He started learning Hindustani music when he was barely ten, first under the guidance of Sri.S.M.Bhat and later, Pt.Chandrashekar Puranikmath. 

In 1976, he went to Dharwad to seek advanced training under Padmabhushan Pt. Basavaraj Rajguru. Over a decade and a half, Rajguru lovingly taught his eager protege, his vast repertoire of ragas and compositions. Parameshwar quickly rose to be one of the most promising disciples of Rajguru, and later, a true torch bearer of  his Guru's music.

He is an A grade artist of All India Radio, and has performed in all the major music festivals of India, including Tansen Samaroh in Gwalior, and Sawai Gandharva in Pune. He has toured extensively, including the USA, Canada, and Europe, and is a recipient of the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award (2006) for his contributions to the field of Indian music. 

Dr. Sharad Gadre was a musician of the Gwalior persuasion, and a wonderful 'method' teacher. Having studied with Pt. Nagesh Khalikar (disciple of Mirashibua), he had imbibed and internalized the Gwalior style of Khayal, and had a remarkable sense of layakari in his music (both harmonium and vocal). 

An Engineer and Computer Scientist by profession, he taught and guided several young musicians in the Seattle area, and also single-handedly created a software program called Ragaparichaya, to aid in the learning of basic material in Hindustani Music. His collection of Abhangs, in ragas representing the eight prahars of the day, and tracing the various stages and sentiments of the saint Tukaram's own spiritual growth in life, and various other bandishes bear testimony to his creative mind as a composer, and clarity in the subject of Raga music.

Srivani has also received several Agra Gharana compositions from Dr. Ramesh Gangolli, Thumri-Dadra and Tappa compositions of the Purab Ang from Smt. Suranjana Bose and Smt. Dalia Rahut, both disciples of the doyenne Girija Devi


Hindustani Classical Vocalist. Composer. World Musician.

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