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Mishra Jaijaiwanti - Dadra

Rarely does one run into a Dadra in a big Raga like Jaijaiwanti. Dadras are inspired by folk tunes and themes, and sparkle in ragas like Des, Khamaj, Kafi and Bhairavi. These ragas are the mainstay of the Thumri-Dadra genre. Over time, they have become more amenable to a lighter, more flexible treatment of the raga chalan/boundaries. Now, Jaijaiwanti is a grand raga with a characteristically heavy mien. It is then, to the composer Dr. Sharad Gadre's credit that he has composed a Bandish-ki-Thumri style composition in this raga. When I learnt it from him, he suggested very specific forays into adjacent ragas Khamaj and Des, and even Kirwani, which is more than a hop, skip and jump away.

Mishra Jaijaiwanti/ Dadra/ Dr. Sharad Gadre:

गोपियन संग खेलत मोहन, नन्द के दुलारे, गोकुल के मनहारे

यशोदा माई के घट को फोडके, छिपके माखन खाये, कंकरी मारी गगरिया फोडी, गोपियन को सताये

बसन छिपाके करे मनमानी, बंसी बजाके रिझाये

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