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Soul Raga (work in progress)

With Soul Raga, Srivani is exploring new directions in developing and improvising the Indian raga collaboratively with other world music traditions and creating a new sound. Supported by independent artist grants from 4Culture and Jack Straw Productions, Seattle.

Srivani Jade (Hindustani Vocals), Ade Suparman (Kacapi, Suling, Kendang). Composition describes paper boats lightly floating in from a distance. The river of life is a theme common to both Indonesia and India. And aren't we all floating towards an imaginary shore, meeting other boats en route, and sharing experiences? 

Listen to more tracks from this project on Soundlcoud:

Ballad of the Desert with Ravi Albright (Tabla) and Thione Diop (Senegalese drum)

Going Away with Christos Govetas (Greek Clarinet)

Raag-rang: Art to Art

December 5, 2013 – January 17, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5, 7pm

Jack Straw New Media Gallery, 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle


Indian raga music has long inspired visual artists. The famous series of ‘Ragamala’ (garland of ragas) paintings from medieval India (16/17th century) are a classic example. Today, Srivani Jade, a 4Culture Art Projects recipient from Seattle is a North Indian classical singer/composer, who turns this idea on its head and creates a series of raga compositions based on the modern miniature paintings of Annette Solyst. Jade and Solyst met in Seattle a decade ago, and fell in love with each other’s artistic expression. The Peacock series that Annette has worked on over the last decade (gouache on paper, silver and gold metallic pens) has inspired a suite of six classical compositions (original poetry and melody) in various ragas and talas (rhythm cycles). We are proud to present this installation of the paintings and accompanying music in the Jack Straw New Media Gallery.

Astitva: A Tale of Two Queens

January 14, 2012. A world premiere at Kirkland Performance Center that celebrates the royalty inside us all. Odissi Dance choreographer Dr. Ratna Roy and Hindustani vocalist Srivani Jade tell the true stories of Meera Bai, poetess and saint, and Rani Lakshmibai, warrior Queen of Jhansi, through music and dance. Their courage, devotion, wisdom and enduring power continue to inspire women around the world.

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