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Some people think the moon is made of cheese. I’ll go with honey. For me, Raga Madhukauns is reminiscent of a moonlit night spreading its warm sweetness on all the world below.

Madhukauns is a simple, scalar, audav jaati raga that you can elaborate based on an understanding of the ‘kauns ang’. As in all cases, the bandish at hand is our guide on the interpretation of the raga in the moment.

In this recording, I’ve coupled my newly minted Tarana in Drut Ektal with a traditional composition in Teental – Mora man lubhayo sanwariya. The sthayi of this tarana was created along the lines of the famous drut cheez – Piyarvaa kaise main aavun. The antara suggested itself in a mix of chatushra and tishra layas in a very natural way. Folks, who, like me, enjoy layakari, might extend this template even further with creative improvisation.

मोरा मन लुभायो सांवरिया, सांवरी सूरत तोरे नैन रसीले

बाजत तोरी रंगीली बांसुरी, सुध बुध हर गई, सगरी हो गई बांवरी, कन्हाई..

Art by dear friend Annette Solyst who was the perfect audience for my riyaz, pen in hand. Gouache pen on paper.

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